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Entre photo de voyage et engagement écologique avec Zia Suarez

Between travel photography and ecological commitment with Zia Suarez

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Zia Suarez is not an influencer like the others. Behind an Instagram page dedicated to travel photography, the young woman works to convey messages about the threats to our natural environments. Discover an outstanding X-Plorar partner who continues to inspire her community.


Born in South Africa, Zia grew up on the east coast of the country flipping through surf magazines. At thirteen, she signed up with a friend for her first surf lesson. The mild tropical climate and simple life rocked his childhood and adolescence. Then, the rest of the world calls her and she decides to leave South Africa, a little too isolated for her taste, to settle in Barcelona. Zia marvels at the beauty of the Pyrenees and the temperate waters of the Mediterranean, perfect subjects for travel photography. Skateboarding, surfing are never far away, above all, it is involved in projects to work for the protection of Nature. 

Freelance content creator and social media manager, Zia is as free as the air, as long as she finds a good wifi connection at her destination. She travels a lot and observes the degradation of natural environments. The ubiquitous plastic pollution saddens him, we are far from the photo of a paradise beach. She participates in beach cleanups and tries to raise public awareness of this scourge.

During her childhood in South Africa, she regularly encountered wild animals. An experience she describes as a true gift of nature. It organizes volunteer stays to help people discover the protection of endangered animal species. Today, Zia collaborates with organizations like the Endangered Wildlife Trust in South Africa, a reference in the protection of wild animals which fights against poaching and the destruction of wild habitats. She uses the travel photos she publishes to raise awareness about these issues in her community. If this phenomenon is often passed over in silence, she intends to speak up to defend the animals who suffer from it.


Zia joins the X-Plorar family in 2021. For us, it is important to surround ourselves with people who are not only passionate about travel or nature photography, but also who live in line with our values. For the record, to introduce X-Plorar to her community and in her own way, Zia took our name literally... Staying in El Salvador, she went to climb the Santa Ana volcano, still active, which culminates at nearly 2400 meters! At the top, smiling after an ascent that could not have been easy, she makes us discover breathtaking aerial view. Exploring and rejoicing in the beauty of Nature, that is the X-Plorar spirit. Subsequently, she gave us her impressions of this ascent: feel this volcanic earth vibrate under his feet and admire this bubbling lake, impossible to ignore the power of our dear Earth. Travel photography is nothing without the sensations that accompany it!


Zia's ability to cultivate her curiosity and take action to support her values impresses us.

In its wake, we retain a few lessons: 

Everyone can do their part to reduce our impact on the planet.

Even alone, we are powerful. For example, we can organize a beach cleanup that will bring together a whole community of people aware of plastic pollution and who will talk about it around them. 

Benevolence drives change towards a better world. Whether we give or receive, compassion can change our perspective on someone or a situation. Sometimes an act of kindness has the power to reach someone much deeper than a slogan. 

Joy is a choice! Here is the real lesson of Zia, with each travel photo her eternal smile. 

“Live freely and say yes to the opportunities that present themselves”, that would be Zia's motto if we had to sum it up in a few words. Spend time outdoors, get into travel photography and discover that we need Nature as much as she needs us.

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