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The X-Plorar Artprints at Nikki Beach

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For two years, we have been traveling differently. More and more through works of art, the music we listen to and chatting with our friends. Almost a year ago, we wanted to recall this feeling of escape through an exhibition like no other. In line with our values, the Nikki Beach hosted X-plorar art photographs for an exhibition in honor of nature.

The Nikki Beach & a photo gallery that looks like us

The first luxury beach club launched more than twenty years ago, the Nikki Beach was born in honor of the life and person of Nicole, the daughter of founder Jack Penrod. The credo? Enjoying life, tasting quality dishes cooked with inventiveness, letting yourself be transported by artists of all kinds. The Nikki Beach brings together musicians, DJs, directors, actors, painters, stylists, visual artists and creative people. Talents such as Robert Pattinson, Bill Murray, Chloë de Sévigny and Tilda Swinton bear witness to the beach club's attachment to the world of cinema and fashion. 

A collaboration with the Nikki Beach seemed obvious to us because we find ourselves in its values. The logo in the form of a teepee symbolizes an art of living in harmony with nature. It exists precisely to live in the heart of nature and the spaces of the place reflect this connection. 

The Nikki Beach teepee echoes our logo, the compass, inspired by escapes into nature without ever losing the North. “Not all who wander are lost,” writes JR Tolkien. Since then, this phrase has become one of the favorite quotes of explorers of all persuasions. This is precisely what we are looking for, adventure and connection with nature to better come back to yourself.

Jack Penrod

“For me, the tipi symbolizes an art of living close to the earth,” explains Jack Penrod before continuing. “It is a reminder to keep your feet on the ground and to respect nature. The teepee reminds me of times spent with family around a campfire, sharing meals and telling stories.”

The X-Plorar universe within the reach of guests

The Nikki Beach brings together several universes. The X-plorar universe has interfered in the restaurant. The recycled aluminum art prints were presented in series with a brief description presenting the work of each photographer. Customers could then explore these visual stories via a QR code affixed to each table. With just a few clicks, they could order their own art print and have it delivered to their home. Far from the sterile atmospheres of classic photo galleries, the Nikki Beach offered us a setting that corresponds to our vision of art photography and its unique ability to remind us of natural environments to better pay homage to them. 

An exhibition under the sign of environmental protection

On the occasion of this exhibition, we also wanted to reiterate our commitment to the planet by donating 25% of each sale to the association. Ibiza Preservation which acts for the protection of the lands and oceans around Ibiza and Formentera. In concrete terms, it leads initiatives against plastic pollution and a project to preserve posidonia algae marshes. It also collaborates with the authorities to improve wastewater treatment and offers educational programs to educate children on the protection of marine fauna and flora.

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