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How 3D is revolutionizing the world of architecture and design

In recent years, the world of arts and culture has become aware of the potential of 3D and its relevance in their projects. This technology helps architects, designers, artists and even fashion designers whose work it enhances. By bringing a futuristic look to the architectural model or the photo of objects, 3D modeling stimulates our imagination and rivals artistic photos. Discover his universe!


What is 3D modeling?

Since the 80s, this discipline makes it possible to anticipate the shape and appearance of all kinds of objects and creations in a realistic way, long before their production. Thanks to 3D, on-screen prototypes come closer to the final product. 3D modeling allows designers and architects to quickly bring their projects to life for presentation to their clients. In this direction, the photo of objects blends with 3D modeling Like on motorcycle helmet, does it really exist or was it created virtually from scratch? Hard to say… In architecture, 3D modeling is used to create a model in compliance with town planning regulations. 
Did you know that 3D modeling is based on mathematical rules? There are several techniques including primitive modeling, rational B-spline design, the polygonal approach, or the creation of NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline) surfaces. Although some basic knowledge will be useful, 3D modeling software simplifies the creation of 3D images. It is now possible to create universes worthy of the most beautiful artistic photos. Angles, colors, shapes, shadow and texture effects, everything is editable. Another advantage is the saving of time thanks to a method which makes it possible to quickly revise the models. Each industry, from luxury photography to interior renovation, now has CAD solutions designed to meet its specificities. 



3D is blowing a new wind on architecture and design

For a whole generation of creatives who grew up with a video game controller in their hands, 3D modeling is a natural. She simply revolutionized the creative process. 3D helps to design more efficient products by anticipating blockages and obtaining the required validations further upstream of production. His ability to project himself into the future widens the field of possibilities. 

A necessity before becoming a creative aid, 3D modeling is now used by a variety of industries, from automakers to IT giants. So much so that last October, Apple unveiled a new laptop that meets the needs of 3D designers, a first. 

The prowess of 3D in architecture and design

Architecture and design based on 3D modeling have not ceased to amaze us, here are some examples. 

Immersive experiences

3D even has its place in museums with the digitization of known works for a more immersive experience. One thinks in particular of the Monet exhibition at the Horta gallery in Brussels in 2020, which was designed by the Studio Dirty Monitor. This had brought together 300 paintings and more than 130,000 images to create an extraordinary experience to rediscover the illustrious artist. 

Soft and poetic universes in a world of brutes

Futuristic descendants of Salvador Dalí, 3D modeling specialists like the Bureau Benjamin imagine ethereal and evocative scenes. Studio Rotolo composes poetic universes with minimalist accents to sublimate the furniture of the designers with whom he collaborates. The next time you admire a surreal photograph, it is quite possible that it is the result of a 3D modeling carried out by a master hand like Willem Stapel or Alexis Christodoulou who both work in luxury photography. 

Typography sublimates the message

Graphic design has also caught on the 3D bandwagon. Amid the hubbub, making a logo or layout stand out has never been more crucial. The "Stay Home” geometric of the Syrian designer Asaad or the “Stay Creative” by Oliver Albrecht show just two examples of powerful messages.

In a world where attention has turned to gold, making sure your message stands out is a big plus. Whatever the use, 3D modeling confers a hyper-realistic aesthetic that attracts attention and enjoins us to dive into a lost paradise or even to travel in time. 

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