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A new kind of art gallery for the summer

Summer is the perfect time to go in search of renewal and that's exactly what these places that break the codes of the art gallery inspire us! Here are some European destinations where cultural places of a new kind offer a framework conducive to the rediscovery of oneself, of the other and through the image of art with a capital A.

Art of Nature by Ben Simon Rehn

Gallery, art and introspection in London

On commence in the center of London where stands the Black Chapel inaugurated on June 8, 2022 in one of London's art hotspots, in the heart of Kensington Gardens in Hyde Park. This ephemeral pavilion in the form of a wooden cylinder which is crossed by two opposite openings was designed by Theaster Gates. Inside, an oculus on the ceiling invites contemplation of works made with tar bathed in this light which recalls the luminosity of places of worship in Antiquity. The space will also certainly delight lovers of art photography. If the artist here pays homage to his father who was a roofer, the installation and its setting lead to reflection and collection, depending on his mood at the time. A way of seeing the experience of art as an interaction between the place and the state of mind of its public. The committed African-American artist likes to create democratic experiences that leave room for collective exchanges. This ephemeral creation invites you to reconnect with yourself as much as to live a collective experience. This summer, the pavilion hosts concerts and other artistic events, a whole program!

Black Chapel, Serpentine Pavilion 2022, Hyde Park, London, UK.

Flow by Olivia Van Dyke

A more classic Paris!

If the French capital is renowned for its taste for elegance and classicism, it also knows how to welcome artistic events that sail against the current. Meet behind an Italian grocery storefront in the Marais to discover the contemporary artists presented by the Galleria Continua. Sniffing at the spaces exhibiting art images or photos on a sanitized white background, the works border a bookstore, an ice cream parlor and a grocery store. The goal ? Get rid of the elitist framework and deconstruct the notion of the art gallery as we know it so that everyone can reclaim it, as one grabs a box of passata from the perspective of a good ragù home !

Continuous Gallery, 87 Rue du Temple, 75003 Paris, France.

Splash by Troy Freyee
A stone's throw from the Center Pompidou, you can attend an extraordinary concert given by a choir that sings out of tune. For a month, Lithuanian artist Lina Lapelytè, winner of the Golden Lion of Venice in 2019, will present an auditory experience devoid of harmony. In addition, the singers will roam the space of the art gallery designed by the illustrious Rem Koolhaas where nettles will decorate the walk. Arousing the discomfort of ears accustomed to Western melodies is part of the principle of the artistic exercise. From the choice of the physical setting to the creaking sounds, everything seems done to overturn the norms and push the limits of the acceptance of the image of art and the “other”. Concerto lovers warned!

The Mutes, Lina Lapelytè, Lafayette Anticipations, 75004 Paris, France

Play it by Troy Freyee

Interweaving history and new narratives in Belfast

Immerse yourself in Ireland's turbulent history by surveying its alleys and rehabilitated districts. While some still bear the marks of the conflict that tore the nation apart, others show how we can relearn to live together through street art.
“We want to help change Belfast, Northern Ireland and the world through street art, cabaret, magic, philosophy, politics, training, shouting and whatever else you are creative,” announces the website of the organization Seedhead Arts, which makes it an honor to take visitors to this open-air art gallery. A walking tour invites you to discover images of art that make up a new national narrative, particularly in the famous Cathedral Quarter.

Seedhead Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Squeeze by Olivia Van Dyke

Immerse yourself in sensual sounds in Sweden

Increasingly listened to since the health crisis, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) sounds now have their own exposure in Europe. The ArkDes art gallery on an island opposite Stockholm has decided to give pride of place to sounds and touches that create a deliciously enjoyable awakening effect. This new artistic current around the sensations of pleasure and relaxation federates and by its benefits, but also the particularly intimate notion that stands out from these strange sound effects transformed into meditative sounds. Here is a gallery where the art that honors the slow, the soft and the tender.
“Weird Sensation Feels Good”, ArkDes, île de Skeppsholmen island, Stockholm, Suède.

Indonesia by Andika Oky Arisandi

When South Asia comes to Germany

Documenta Fifteen, organized by the Indonesian artistic collective Ruangrupa, is coming to the city of Kassel this summer. Bringing together Indonesian, Indian and Australian artists, around values of sharing, fairness and community, the entire city is transformed into a living art gallery. Installation, art photo, mix of media, several forms of artistic expression represent all the diversity of cultures that divide a territory. Unifying concept of the collective, the notion of shed comes from rural Indonesia where the remains of the rice harvest are redistributed in the following community “values of generosity, humor, local roots, independence, regeneration, transparency and frugality”. Another perspective on living together and the art image. Documenta Fifteen, Kassel, Germany.
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