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Art Factory I Notre Studio de photographie d'art

Art Factory I Our Art Photography Studio

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Originally from Belgium, Antoine Rose fell into the photography purely self-taught. From the age of 8 to acquire the skills necessary to capture and shape light through the lens of his camera. Over time, he developed a burning passion for landscape picture, travel and the sea. He was also the official photographer of the Kitesurfing World Cup for several years. Antoine is an artist published with major international brands who have used his services during global advertising campaigns.


Antoine is also the founder of Art Factory. A brand new laboratory fine art photography located in Thines, Belgium. As a perfectionist, this is a great way for him to fully control the process of producing art pictures. In addition to creating art prints exceptional, he developed one of the first laboratories of fine art photography carbon neutral in Europe. 


Out of a commitment to the planet, Antoine designed and built his laboratory of fine art photography using the latest technologies to minimize its structural carbon emissions (insulation, solar panels, natural light, etc.). Art Factory has also implemented sustainable water management thanks to 2 tanks totaling 40,000 liters of reserve. The very design of the building was made to minimize the ecological footprint and the carbon footprint. More than expertise in photo d’art, Art Factory constantly seeks to limit its harmful effects. To offset the carbon created during the transport of your arts prints, X-plorar and Art Factory have decided to plant trees. Thanks to a partnership with the Graine de Vie association, we plant 10 trees for every €100 ordered. 

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