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Chromaluxe & le Process de Sublimation

Chromaluxe & the Sublimation Process

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As the world's leading manufacturer of high definition dye sublimation print media, ChromaLuxe has quickly become the print media of choice for art photographs, artists, designers, print labs, photo enthusiasts and many more. The combination of color brilliance, greater durability and archival qualities makes ChromaLuxe the ideal choice for fine art photography. Using dye sublimation, images are infused directly into metal sheets to create the brightest, most durable and archival photo medium available today. Find out how our innovative products will give your artistic photo a lasting impact.


Digital files are printed on a dedicated printer loaded with transfer paper soaked in sublimation inks. The mixture of print and foil is then placed in a heat press where the magic of the sublimation process works. 


Thanks to temperatures of around 195°C and medium to high pressure, the process comes to life and gives the most beautiful effect. The inks gasse and are infused into the special ChromaLuxe coating, creating unparalleled resolution and remarkable color vibrancy with a look worthy of a art gallery.


Intense colors, sharp details and reduced reflections are the hallmark of our semi-gloss finish, an exceptional choice. With a sheen level between gloss and matte, semi-gloss gives you the best of both worlds. This finish is perfect for framed picture or the fine art photography on display, in a art and photography gallery where thinking can be a problem.

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