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Nature, the first muse of the photographer

You have certainly noticed it through the series offered on X-Plorar, the way photographers take the portrait of their environment is stunning. You don't need to be a professional photographer to appreciate nature photography. Between the sky and the visual space to be explored, Nature can become overwhelming through the lens of someone who observes and cherishes it.

Panyaweuan beauty corner

Nature photography, a subject that is both universal and very personal

The nature seen by photographers can be surprising and not resemble the image we have of it. You could say that behind the lens, everything is in the eyes. The theme of nature feeds on sometimes very subjective perspectives and everyone puts a bit of their own story into it. Without a doubt, the way photographers interact with nature has a lot to do with their personal experience.
The photographer of the series Iceland Aerial dedicated to Iceland Ben Simon Rehn became passionate about photographing arctic landscapes when he settled on the island for many years. Seduced by the extreme cold of the arctic regions, he specializes in the photography of hostile landscapes such as the series in open edition aerial view that we offer on X-Plorar.
The inspiration for her nature photo, Olivia Van Dyke defines it by the abundance that this first contains. Sa series Immersion shows women and bodies that evolve, balance, harmonize in contact with Nature. Her images connect the harmony of the female body to landscape photography, whether oceanic, desert or rocky.

Align by Olivia Van Dyke

Andika Oky Arisandi spent ten years criss-crossing his native Indonesia to capture unique moments. His shots manage to capture the spectacle of grazing light that sculpts the rice fields at sunrise, but also the relationship filled with respect, and sometimes mysticism, that Indonesians have with nature.
A fan of winter landscape photography, Jérôme Tanon has been photographing snowboarding since 2008 and has made a name for himself in the winter sports world. His photographs are a mixture of analogous techniques and technical prowess. His intimate style is found in the series Immediately thought like a high altitude mountain log.
Series Waves by Ryan Marais gives pride of place to the dialogue between waves and light. The photo of the sea takes on a completely different trait for the Australian. His shots offer contrast effects bordering on surrealism, even if the subject remains the ocean that we are lucky enough to know. For the photographer, the swell and the reflections between the sky and the ocean space have no secrets since he grew up in the rollers.

Curve by Ryan Marais

Every photo of nature can raise ecological awareness

Raising public awareness of the impact of Man on the environment through art photos featuring the beauty of nature, such is the mission of X-Plorar. The photographers presented on the site all adhere to this desire. They too hope to raise awareness of climate change through nature photography.
Olivia Van Dyke and Andika Oky Arisandi sublimely the relationship that is established between a population or body and its environment. A feeling of respect and appreciation. Finally, the landscape photography with different styles by Ryan Marais, Jerôme Tanon and Ben Simon Rehn shows how necessary it is to preserve the perspectives offered to us by the mountains, forests and oceans.

Fissure by Ben Simon Rehn

How do you view nature as a photographer?

Finally, aren't we more likely to photograph what we know best? This observation invites everyone to explore their daily life, because if we are careful, nature interferes in every little corner of our lives. A landscape in aerial view seen at the end of a hike will show us how small we are in the middle of our environment. A photo of the sea will remind us of the summers of our childhood to make us want to protect these little corners of paradise that carry sentimental value. Even in the middle of the city, plants emerge between the cobblestones. We will always have the sky and a space to explore with our lens. Whether you look up or look at the tip of your shoe, you'll always see a little wink from Mother Nature!

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