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Choose between an open edition and limited edition photo

You are thinking about buying an art photo, but are hesitating between open edition and limited edition ? The pictures in open edition are more common and cost less. On the other hand, the arts prints in limited edition are often sold in smaller quantities, on special occasions or only on dedicated platforms. In this article we weigh the pros and cons of each type of art photo purchase to guide you in your acquisitions. 

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What is the difference between buying an art photo in open edition et en limited edition ?

To put it simply, the photo in open edition comes down to a copy of a single print. This in no way detracts from the creative process behind an artist's photo, which remains the result of a choice of subject, a worked aesthetic, in particular work around light and focus. The purchase in open edition of an online photo does not detract from the quality of the print. L’open edition lends itself both to decoration and to a first acquisition of an artist's photo, because affording the work of talented photographers at a lower cost allows you to sharpen your taste and your aesthetic choices before embarking on the collection of photos of artists. 
A photo is said in limited edition when the print, in limited number, is numbered. This number is printed on the print or on the invoice. For example, a print in 20x15 cm format printed in 20 copies and numbered from 1 to 20 is a photo in limited edition. Real photos of artists that can appear in a photo gallery, this art photo purchase includes a certificate of authenticity. The small amount of photos in limited edition make them prized works by collectors or buyers looking for a high degree of exclusivity.


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Buying an artist photo according to your budget

Open edition photos follow a logic of dissemination rather than rarity and are affordable. The buyer can also choose between several sizes and types of framing. They are therefore an ideal choice for decorating an interior for those on a budget who wish to acquire a photo of a renowned artist. 
Buying a photo limited edition enters into a logic of collection. However, it is less expensive than a single work such as a painting or a sculpture. The pictures in limited edition are sometimes available in several sizes, it all depends on the artist's choice of print and the original size of the photo. 
The rise of online photography has encouraged open edition production. Please note that a photo in open edition does not necessarily mean that it is free of rights. Depending on the contract agreed with the photographer, it may remain protected by copyright.


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The choice of the artist's photo in open edition of X-Cry

Real online photo gallery, X-Plorar offers photos in open edition printed by us in collaboration with “Art Factory” which produces exceptional fine art prints in a carbon neutral photo studio. Photographers submit their work to us for sale and we pay them a commission based on the size of the photo sold. In respect of their work, photographers retain copyright of their images. In other words, you can decorate your interiors with works purchased from X-Plorar, but under no circumstances can you reproduce them. 
Each photographer can decide what type of sale they want to set up. Very often, he divides his works between these two sales categories. We can therefore make a first acquisition of a photo in open edition to have fun and then invest in a photo in limited edition to build a collection of fine art photos to be exhibited in a photo gallery or resold
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