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On rare occasions, one or more products in an order may be damaged while in transit to our shipping partners. If one or more of your products arrives damaged, please send detailed and clearly visible photos of the damage, including images of the packaging, to In the event that one or more products are materially damaged, X-Plorar may choose to restore or replace the damaged product(s) at X-Plorar's sole discretion after reviewing the photos submitted ("Review damage"). If you request a damage review, you expressly acknowledge and agree to the following: 1) Photos of damaged areas of the product(s) must be clearly visible and submitted in .jpeg or . png; 2) photos of the damage must be received by X-Plorar at least seventy-two (72) hours after the stated delivery date of the applicable Order from the carrier responsible for delivering the Order; 3) Photos of the damage must have been taken immediately upon receipt of the product(s), and the product(s) must not have been hung, placed or otherwise installed( s) before photos of the damage are taken; 5) Delivery of a replacement product, if any, will be subject to existing manufacturing capacity, inventory, availability and shipping schedule, and you may be responsible for payment of return shipping costs in the event that X-Plorar chooses to repair or replace the product(s).

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