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The photo of a naked woman: an image that is debating

The exposure of nudity is a very controversial subject, moreover that of a female body. The censorship of a artistic photography of a naked woman on social networks scandalizes some while others see it as a moral duty. Opinions differ according to religions, cultures and countries. Difficult today to publish or exhibit a photo of a naked woman without shocking. What messages are hidden behind the artistic photograph of a woman in her simplest camera?

Surrender by Olivia Van Dyke

The photograph of a naked woman in history

The paradox of a restrictive assessment of female nude photos is that the use of artistic nudity in works of art is not new.. On the contrary, it has existed in many cultures since the dawn of time. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and other ancient peoples often used nudity in their artistic creations. It is enough to turn to the frescoes of the temples of Antiquity to see it.

Although the nude female body has long been part of the history of photography, the practice was often reserved for the male, Western eye. Today, a photo of a nude woman can be the result of any photographer, professional or amateur.

The codes of artistic photography of naked women have changed, whether it looks like an elegant black and white image in a high-flying exhibition or a snapshot trash in an awareness campaign. Since the #Metoo movement, a photo of a naked woman has been given longer consideration and more critical scrutiny. Brands and authors of artistic photos must deal with possible backlash media with sometimes devastating effect.

The Male Nude by Troy Freyee

Artistic photography of nude woman from multiple angles

Since the beginning of the modern era, photographers have treated nudity from different perspectives : commercial, artistic, amateur and professional. A photo of an entirely naked woman can respond to a simple desire to eroticize the gaze or, on the contrary, be heavy with meaning. Several reasons beyond aesthetics can motivate an artistic photograph of a naked woman. For example, it can serve a specific purpose such as showing a healthy body, the marks of time or commemorating a life event such as a woman's body before and after pregnancy.

Sync by Olivia Van Dyke

While some artists focus on producing erotic and purely aesthetic images, others have wanted use their practice of artistic photography of naked women to offer a social, moral, political or ecological commentary :

  • Olivia Van Dyke which establishes a link between well-being and the artistic photography of women.
  • Natalie Karpushenko attempts to capture the magic that operates between women and the natural environment that we must preserve.
  • Troy Freyee places the female body in different situations, sometimes grotesque. His artistic photography of women employs both humor and a touch of eroticism.

As you see it the approaches in the photo of a naked woman are diverse and varied.

Some rules for photographing the naked body

Today, nude photography can be seen as much of an interesting artistic pursuit as a perversion. However, many talented artists are able to produce a nude photo that is both captivating and respectful of its subject.

Hidden Mystery by Natalie Karpushenko

Taming a naked woman's body is not easy. Most people have apprehension both behind and in front of the lens. It goes without saying that the subject of the photo must be consenting. Here are some rules for getting started:

  • Develop trust with your subject is critical. It is important that the person fully understands the meaning of the photo session and its aesthetics.
  • Try different places where the model will feel comfortable : in the privacy of a closed room, a place in the middle of nature far from prying eyes or simply on a bed.
  • Always listen to the person photographed and take breaks when she feels the need.
  • Comply with the conditions for the distribution of photos established with the model. Beware of possible reappropriations in the media or on social networks.
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